"Dear Chef Siegren, All of your food is absolutely delicious, and I must say your Tapioca Pudding is the best pudding I have ever tasted! It is so scrumptious and mouthwatering that, as I write to you, I'm craving it.  Amazing! I cant wait to try some more raw dishes. I can see myself eating this way everyday!" Elizabeth B. - Mesa 

"Chef Johnson was able to recreate some of my favorite comfort foods, but RAW! I really enjoy the private in home lessons and plan on continuing my education."  Mark - Scottsdale 

"Siegren, What an amazing food program. I am delighted with my results.  My goal was to eliminate or lesson my arthritis related back pain.  Yesterday was the first day in two years I was free of pain. Thank you for sharing your time and talent with us."  Sue S . - Arizona 

"I thoroughly enjoyed the class. It was very informative, light, and fun. The food was GREAT! The instructor and the assistant are very professional and helpful." Mary R. - Gilbert

"Thorough, informative Intro to Raw Foods.  Siegren is very knowledgable and inspring."  Vallie - Avondale 

"I learned new things and enjoyed the food that was prepared.  The teacher (Siegren) was awesome. I really like her approach to raw food and how she conveys her passion for helping everyone achieve better health."  Tamara K. - Phoenix 

"The Green Juice Fast was an awesome experience for me.  I had inflammation in my hip....by day 3 I had NO PAIN.  It was all gone. I could not believe it. There were no longer any signs of bronchitis and the throat drainage that I was experiencing by day 3. I did experience lots of energy....Also, let me mention I lost 10 lbs and lots of people commented on my skin; asking if I had just had a "face lift". I also never felt hungry while only drinking juice. I felt very good, clean in my entire body and experienced good thoughts as well.  Overall, it was an amazing experience for me and I am recommending this cleanse with you (Siegren) to everybody."  Heidi - Arizona 

"I loved the (Smoothie Slim-down & Digestive Enhancement Program) class and the recipes.  I lost a total of 11 pounds! Smoothies will stay a part of my everyday life.  Thank you so much!"  Andrea - Phoenix 

"I want to thank you for the awesome class you did and how amazing I think your follow up is.  You went above and beyond what I expected. The Smoothie Slim-down & Digestive Enhancement Program was fun and informative. I have been raw for a long time and I always look for new information. I got it from you! The program itself is a very easy way to detox and slim down. It gave me a way to jump in easily and quickly. Thanks so much and keep up the good work."  Carla M. - Tucson 

"My energy level is definitely different now. I only need 4 to 5 hours of sleep max and have energy throughout the whole day!"  Cynthia G. - Arizona


"I took your class at Whole Foods the other night and I wanted to let you know that you inspired me to buy my first two whole coconuts EVER! I just cracked them open (thanks to your helpful tips) and am about to make the amazing strawberry yogurt recipe for me and the family.  Not only did you totally convert me into a coconut lover, but my super picky daughter grudgingly tried some fresh coconut meat for the first time and loved it, then proceeded to run around the house singing  about how she loves super healthy coconuts!! Thanks again for that awesome class. Sincerely, former coconut hater turned lover :)"  Perri M. - Arizona 

"Thank you again for catering our event last week. Your food surpassed our expectations. Truly exceptional!"  Rhonda - Flagstaff 

"I just want to tell you I recently purchased your Kindle book "Everyday Raw Food Recipes". I love it and I love the fact its on Kindle -awesome.  The recipes are very easy, fast, and fun to make." Heidi - Arizona 

"I've read the beginning of your book and it speaks a lot of my journey seeking health and truth."  Mariana G. - Mesa 

"Thanks Siegren for all the wonderful information and FANTASTIC food!!! I am so excited to make some of these yummy dishes for my kids. Most of all, thank you for the inspiration."  Deanne R. - Arizona 

"Intro 101 Class - jam packed with info, inspiration, instructions, nice people, and a super-qualified instructor. Well worth every penny. Siegren is a fantastic resource for anyone perusing raw! Thanks."  Gina P. - Arizona 

"I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful Intro to Raw class last Sunday. I loved it! I've been craving those tacos you made for us, so that is what is on our menu tonight! I've been having fun experimenting with some of your (class) recipes. My 8 year old loves your brownie recipe! It was a pleasure meeting you and I'm excited to take more of your classes! Thanks again for sharing and teaching with such passion Siegren!"  Laura J. - Tempe 

"It was a fantastic class! I loved every single recipe.  I was trying to decide my favorite (recipe), but finally had to admit - everything!"  Rachel C. -Tempe

"I attended your class several weeks ago and just wanted to say thank you! I loved the recipes your made and even made the apple cobbler on Thanksgiving for my family.  Thank you for reaching out to the community to teach health."  Heidi Y. - Arizona 

"Thank you for sharing your talents; your testimony is so powerful..... and all the goodies were so amazingly DELICIOUS." Sarah - Gold Canyon

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"You are so talented at what you do.  The BEST tasting raw food I've experienced has been at your design."  Rich Berra (JohnJ & Rich Radio Show) 

"I was a total skeptic, but Chef Siegren CAN make raw food delicious.  I have a health issue I'm working on and found that raw foods can actually heal you from many illnesses.....   I really wanted to learn for myself how to make (raw) meals at home.  I found TRU Cuisine, and can now make healthy versions of my favorite meals from my "old" way of eating, EVEN TACOS!!!"  Andrew M. - Peoria 

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