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Over the last four years, TRU Cuisine has assisted local Valley residents in supplementing their diets with fresh, organic raw and/or cooked vegan meals, created and delivered each week, directly to the home or office. 

Due to demand, the number of clients accepted each month has been limited.  However,  there are now openings for new one, two, and three month contracts, beginning in January2019.**

If you are interested in seizing this incredible opportunity, and would like more information on pricing, delivery dates, and contract terms, please contact Raw Chef Siegren Johnson directly by clicking HERE

"You are so talented at what you do.  The BEST tasting raw food I've experienced has been at your design."  Rich Berra

(JohnJ & Rich Radio Show) 

​**Limited availability

Green Juice Fast  

Private 10 Day guided Green Juice Fast

Are you determined to detoxify and revitalize  your body?  Juice fasting can provide you with the physical rest your body needs to release toxins, rebuild cells, and alleviate common ailments.

"It was an awesome experience for me....By day 3, I had NO PAIN..... I lost 10 pounds and lots of people commented on my skin, asking if I had just had a face lift."  Heidi Y. - Arizona

This private, in home, lesson is only for those who are truly committed to restoring their vital force.  Step by step instructions, two personal check in calls, as well as detailed information on suggested and required supplements, solutions to detox symptoms, and instructions on breaking the fast are provided. 

Schedule your consultation today. 


Masticating Juicer Recommended.

Free Raw Recipe

Pink Flamingo Smoothie


1 1/4 Cups Shredded Red Cabbage 

1 Cup Frozen, Organic   Strawberries

​1 Large, Ripe Banana 

​2 Cups Pure Water 

Pinch of Vanilla Powder 


Place all ingredients into a high speed blender and process until smooth. 

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