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Siegren Johnson is a certified Raw Chef, author, educator, and owner of TRU Cuisine, LLC.  She has been extensively educated in the theory of Raw Nutrition and Living Food Preparation, and is in high demand as a personal raw food chef in the Metro Phoenix area. 

Chef Johnson's interest in the healing properties of raw and living foods peaked after she experienced a personal health crisis. Motivated to heal herself naturally, she participated in an intense educational program based on the teachings of raw food pioneer, Dr. Gabriel Cousens.  After graduating, Siegren felt compelled to share her knowledge and personal experience with others and opened TRU Cuisine. 

ABOUT tru cuisine

In May of 2010, TRU Cuisine launched it's first campaign to share their passion for great tasting, healing raw foods with the public.  

Since then, TRU Cuisine and Raw Chef Siegren Johnson have held over 100 group events, and have been featured in publications such as Arizona Foothills Magazine, VivaPura Superfoods, Extraordinary Health Magazine, and interviewed by Higher Rock Music.  Chef Johnson was also honored to be featured in Jordan Rubin's book "The Raw Truth". 

TRU Cuisine offers both private and group classes in raw and living food preparation and education, as well as catering, personal and corporate consulting.  

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Our Services 

  • Affordable, Local Raw Food Preparation Classes
  • Private In Home Lessons 
  • Event Catering 
  • Free Initial Consultations
  • Speaking Engagements 
  • ​Personal Chef Services 
  • ​Corporate Demonstrations 
  • Green Juice Fasting & Detox
  • Professional Menu Planning and Recipe Development 
  • "Raw on the Run" Food Services at Local Farmers Markets

We are passionate about food and health